Q. So, what is this site for?

A. The collective creative works of Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey, the minds and voices behind The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast. This site, the Witch House Media Premium Feed, is ‘subscriber central,’ allowing paying members to scroll through exclusive content and access special member RSS Feed Tokens for their favorite podcast or RSS subscription readers.

Q. If I subscribe, where does my money go?

A. Our server takes a beating in traffic every month, and our productions are high quality – and thus time consuming – and sometimes costly! By supporting us as a Premium Member, you provide much appreciated assistance in helping us keep our websites up and running, and keeping our projects healthy!

Q. Hot dog, where do I sign up!?

A. Click on the ‘Register’ link in the menu at the top of the site, there, chief!

Q. I subscribed, how to I get the new content?

A. All you have to do to access exclusive content right here on the site is log in via the menu above, and click on the MEDIA tab. To subscribe to the Witch House Media Premium Feed inside an RSS reader or iTunes, click on the Membership Details menu item above and locate the ‘RSS Token’ at the bottom of the page, in red. Cut and paste that into your reader, and you’re good to go!

Q. I wasn’t asked to input a password when I registered. How do I log in?

A. When you created your account, an e-mail was sent to you containing your username and password. Check your inbox, or your spam folder!

Q. The question I had isn’t on this list. Can I contact you directly?

A. You sure can!  Feel free to shoot Chad & Chris an e-mail! Or, if you’re having technical issues, don’t hesitate to drop Mike a line! 

Q. How do I subscribe through iTunes?

1) go to the witchhousemedia.com site and log in
2) go to the ‘member details’ page
3) copy the link at the bottom of the page (it’s called a token) – copy the entire link
4) go to iTunes and select “Subscribe to Podcast” from the File menu
5) paste in the URL token
6) go to your podcasts and find the witchhousemedia feed
7) enjoy the podcast!


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