HPPodcraft is now on Patreon!

We just soft-launched and will be feverishly adding our back catalog over the next couple weeks. If you’re a current subscriber to our show, no problem. Just sign up on Patreon and we’ll take care of cancelling your PayPal subscription as well as refunding any recent charges. You don’t have to do anything else, and will still have access via Witch House while we get all the shows on Patreon.

We’re still offering one free show a month, three additional shows for subscribers and if you sign up on Patreon you can get a listener comments show monthly as well as an additional show discussing whatever you want us to discuss. Doesn’t have to be books, we’ll talk about anything.

We’ve been at this show for almost ten years, and we’d really love to be with you for ten years more. But expenses have continued to go up and it’s grown more difficult to split the show with other work. Please join the team to make this our full time job!

Enough of the hard pitch – check us out at patreon.com – if you have any questions, email us at witchhousemedia@gmail.com.


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